The Importance Of Retainers

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the importance of retainers

Braces are a big investment in your smile and overall oral health. When you finally achieve the perfect smile, you will want to ensure that it stays that way. At All About Smiles Ortho, we want you to enjoy the smile of your dreams for a lifetime. That is why our orthodontist in Orlando offers retainers following braces treatment. Read on to learn how retainers benefit your smile.

What Are Retainers?

A retainer is a small device that is custom-made by an orthodontist near you. It works to reinforce the new position of your teeth once your braces have been removed. For many people, wearing a retainer seems like an annoyance, especially after having worn braces for so long. But retainers are very important for keeping your teeth in their new positions.

How Long Will You Have to Wear Your Retainer For?

When you visit our team to get your braces removed, our dentist will evaluate the tissues and bones that surround your teeth and determine how well it has adjusted to the new position of your teeth. Most of the time, those who have had braces in Orlando will need to wear a retainer for about one year and will be required to wear it full time for at least six months, except during meal times and flossing and brushing.

As the tissues and bone surrounding your teeth begin to adjust to their new positions, you will be able to transition to wearing your retainer only at night. After about one year of doing this, you may be able to take a few nights off of wearing your retainer every week. This part-time retainer wear can last for several years.

Worried About Appearance?

After so long of wearing braces near you, it is understandable that you want to enjoy your new smile and not have it obstructed by yet another dental appliance. While some retainers are obvious in the mouth, you don’t have to opt for these kinds of appliances.

Luckily, there are many options for retainers that can be worn discreetly. You may choose to wear a clear plastic retainer during the months immediately following the removal of your braces. When you make the switch to nighttime wear only, clear wire retainers are also an option for a more discreet appearance.

Another option that you can speak to your orthodontist or dentist about is a lingual retainer. This type of retainer is placed on the backsides of your teeth, so no one but you will know that you are wearing it! Lingual retainers are also permanently bonded to your teeth, so you won’t have to worry about losing your retainer and having to seek a replacement.

Visit All About Smiles Ortho

If you are about to get your braces off and are ready to start the next phase of your smile transformation journey, our team at All About Smiles Ortho is happy to assist you. We provide retainers for our patients so they can continue to maintain their stunning and healthy new smiles.

We will work with you to find the best kind of retainer for your needs and address all your questions and concerns about retainer use. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us and book your consultation today. We can’t wait to see you!