You have successfully completed your orthodontic treatment’s active retention phase at our office in Orlando, FL 32809. We have enjoyed working with you hope that you have enjoyed being a part of our practice.

Please remember that tooth movement can still occur. The only way to prevent tooth movement is to continue to wear your retainer as instructed. It is also essential to see your general dentist near you for regular cleaning and check-ups. These steps will help maintain the beautiful, healthy smile for which you have worked so hard.

You may have a “bonded” retainer; which is permanently attached to the back of your upper or lower front teeth. Dr. Mendez prefers to leave this retainer in as long as possible. You should continue to floss around it regularly. If you decide to have it removed at some time, it would be a good idea to replace it with a removable retainer. Contact our office near you for more details on removing your retainer.

If your retainer is ever lost, broken, or not fitting properly, please contact our office in Orlando, FL 32809, and our team will replace or adjust your retainers. Additional services will be rendered at our usual charge.

Again, it has truly been a pleasure to treat you. The greatest compliment we can receive is the referral of your family and friends. We would love to welcome them into our family of orthodontic patients!


Dr. Maria C. Mendez and Staff