Orthodontic Headgear in Orlando, FL

Orthodontic Headgear Near You

A headgear is an appliance that guides the growth of your jaw and face using a special force. It is also used to help guide your teeth to a better position or to prevent your teeth from shifting.

Our office also offers headgears in Orlando, FL, 32809, to move your teeth into a better position or to prevent them from moving when they’re not supposed to.

orthodontic headgear orlando

The length of time varies depending on:

1. Type of growth pattern of the patient

2. The severity of the discrepancy between the jawbones

3. The rate of growth of the patient

4. The consistency of wear/amount od time-worn per day (patient compliance)

What to Expect After Receiving Your Headgear Near You:

  1. During the first week, you may feel discomfort, which can disrupt your sleep. To help reduce the discomfort during the adjustment period, you can take Tylenol or another analgesic two hours before bed.
  2. If you’re consistently wearing the headgear, your back teeth may slightly loosen.

What to Do:

1. Ensure you are wearing your headgear twelve to fourteen hours every day. Wearing the headgear all the time would be ideal, but it’s usually not possible or realistic.

2. Consistently wear it at least at night. If you miss one day, it will prolong your treatment time as it takes several days to make up for the loss.

3. Keep track of how long you are wearing your headgear with a scorecard. It will allow our orthodontist to see if your progress is aligned with how long you’re wearing it.

4. Bring the headgear and the scorecard with you to each orthodontic appointment at our office in Orlando, FL, 32809.

5. Never wear your headgear during sports or rough play to prevent injuries.

6. We may have to increase the force if the face bow comes off.

7. If you have any concerns about receiving an orthodontic headgear near you, contact our office in Orlando for more details.