Habit Breaker Appliances in Orlando

habit breaker in orlando

Our office offers Habit Breaker appliances in Orlando, FL, 32809, which are a fixed and passive appliance. It is used to help patients stop harmful behavior such as thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting habits. The appliance can be used on its own, or your orthodontist in Orlando, FL 32809, will recommend using it along with your orthodontic treatment.

The Habit Breaker runs behind the upper arch and is fitted to the upper permanent molars. This appliance remains in place until the habit(s) no longer present or appliance is no longer needed. In some cases, the appliance may need to be put back in by an orthodontist near you if the habit persists.

habit breaker near you

How to Clean the LLHA Appliance

Brush your teeth as you normally would taking more time to brush around the entire appliance. In addition to brushing, you should floss under the appliance. Using a Waterpik can be very helpful. If swelling occurs, use warm salt-water rinses to reduce the gingival swelling.

If you are interested in receiving Habit Breaker appliances near you, please call our office with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.