We’re the best orthodontic choice for your patients.

We use DentalMonitoring, the industry’s most advanced remote monitoring platform. This Al-powered digital solution let’s us elevate the quality of care while creating a convenient patient experience.

1. Our patients scan weekly from home, which allows us to track 130+ intraoral issues. We are notified if a patient isn’t brushing properly and can take action. We receive alerts on gingivitis, spots and cavities, tooth abrasion, and tooth fracture, and we collaborate with dentists to make sure that patients are taking good care of their oral health.

2. We use the data from our patients’ remote scans to address concerns and avoid slowdowns.

3. We are in constant communication with our patients through the DentalMonitoring app. Patients feel connected and understand where they are in their orthodontic treatment.

Together, we can help create Happy, Confident, Smiles for our patients.