New Patient Visit

All About Smiles Orthodontics, we always welcome new and existing patients with open arms. If it is your first time visiting our Orlando orthodontic office, we are excited to meet you and have you join our family!

Initial Appointment

Your initial appointment will include a rigorous examination and potential treatment options. This 30-minute visit is integral as it provides us with insight into your orthodontic needs. As part of the comprehensive initial visit, you will also have x-rays taken of your smile.

We will address the following questions at your initial examination. You are encouraged to ask any questions you have as well.

  • What conditions can orthodontics address?
  • When is the right time for treatment?
  • What treatment procedures will be used to address the issue?
  • Will any permanent (adult) teeth need to be extracted?
  • How much will treatment cost?
  • What payment options are available?

These are general questions about treatment; however, we will also address particular areas after a careful analysis of the diagnostic records. We always ensure that patients leave our office near you with a clear understanding of their specific needs, treatment options, time frames, and financial agreements.

To assist us in making this a convenient and efficient process, please provide us with the following information at the time of your visit:

  • Your insurance information—if you have orthodontic insurance please provide us with your information prior to your first visit.