Permanent Lingual Retainers in Orlando, FL 32809

perm lingual re in orlando

Bonded Lingual Retainers Near You

The retainers offered at our office in Orlando, Fl, 32809, are attached to your teeth, so you must floss them daily to keep them clean. To keep your retainers clean, ensure you are flossing daily. The process can initially be intimidating, but you will get used to it. If you received permanent retainers from our office in Orlando, FL 32809, the following are instructions on how to clean your retainer:

  1. Use at least six inches of floss and thread the floss between your teeth using a floss threader.
  2. Use your fingers to hold the threader in one hand and the floss in the other.
  3. Gently floss your teeth in an upward and downward motion after you threaded the floss under your retainer.
  4. Slide the floss over to the next area to clean and insert the floss between your teeth.
  5. Repeat this process with every tooth attached to your retainer.

If you’re having a hard time flossing, contact our office near you, and our team will be glad to give you more tips.