The Forsus appliance is used to correct Class II molar relationship. When a patient’s upper jaw and teeth protrude over the lower jaw and teeth by a lot, the Forsus appliance is used to help move the upper molars back while moving the lower arch forward. Forsus appliance can correct the bite problem faster than rubber bands (elastics) for many patients and are more comfortable to wear than bulky headgear. Additionally, patients do not need to remember to wear their headgear or rubber bands as the Forsus appliance is working all the time. Composed of a spring coil rod, the appliance is used while a patient is currently wearing braces.

You may notice some discomfort initially, so we recommend a soft food diet for the first few days after the appliance is placed. If you sleep on your side, use the wax provided as instructed.

Regular anti-inflammatory medication may help with any discomfort, if needed.

It is important to keep the appliance clean; you may do this by carefully brushing the coil and other metal pieces of the appliance during routine hygiene care.

Also, we recommend that patients not open their mouths very wide, as the appliance may come apart.

If your Forsus appliance comes apart or breaks, please contact our office immediately to schedule a repair appointment.

Dear Patients,

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Dr. Mendez and the team at All About Smiles Orthodontics