Forsus Appliances in Orlando

forcus appliances in orlando

We offer the Forsus appliance near you to correct Class II molar relationship, which is when a patient’s upper teeth and jaw is protruding over the lower jaw and teeth. The appliance will help move the lower arch forward while moving the upper molars back. This treatment is more comfortable than the headgear, produces quicker results compared to elastics, and doesn’t require effort to wear. The appliance is used along with orthodontic treatment.

forsus appliances near you

In the first couple of days, you may feel some discomfort, so our orthodontist near you recommends eating soft foods until it disappears. We will provide wax for you to use if you sleep on your side.

If you are bothered by the discomfort, anti-inflammatory medication can reduce the pain.

Remember to clean the appliance when you are doing your daily oral care routine. Ensure you carefully brush the coil and other parts of the appliance.

Our orthodontist in Orlando, FL 32809 recommends patients wearing a Forsus to avoid widely opening their mouth to prevent damaging the device.

If you have any questions or if your appliance breaks, please contact our office in Orlando, FL 32809 immediately. We will schedule a repair appointment. We will schedule a repair appointment.