Separator creates space between teeth so that bands will fit easily on the back teeth. There are placed approximately one or two weeks before bands are placed.

1. If a separator falls out, please contact our office. If it over the weekend, you may wait until Monday.

2. Do not play with the separators. Keep fingers out of the mouth.

3. Brush normally, but do not floss in the area where the separators are located.

4. No chew gum or eat other sticky foods. Such items could dislodge the separator.

5. It is normal for the separator to start to feels loose/mobile, a few days after they have been placed.

6. Of there is any discomfort, please feel free to use Tylenol or choice of oral analgesics as needed.

Dear Patients,

We have always been at the leading edge of infection control & follow all the CDC, ADA, and AAO guidelines. Our highest priority is keeping all patients and team members safe. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

Dr. Mendez and the team at All About Smiles Orthodontics