Pendex Oral Appliance in Orlando

Pendex Near You

We provide Pendex appliances in Orlando, FL 32809 to help patients achieve the optimal molar relationship with the least amount of effort. This device helps patients achieve a more effective and functional bite. In addition to correcting the bite, it is also used to create space for incoming teeth when the patient doesn’t have enough room. Dr. Mendez will check your progress every six weeks as the movement occurs very quickly. Remember to check your appliance daily to ensure nothing is broken. Please contact our office in Orlando, FL 32809 immediately if you notice anything different.

pendex near you

When is the appliance activated?

During a twenty-eight day period, your appliance will be activated (turned) once every day. The number of turns are altered depending on the severity of your case. After the activation period, your orthodontist will examine your mouth for any additional adjustments to move your molars in a backward direction.

Cleaning your appliance

You will continue your oral care routine as you usually would. Just ensure you are thoroughly brushing the roof of your mouth. A waterpik can help clean the hard to reach spots. To reduce swelling, rinse with warm salt water four times a day. Avoid eating anything sticky or hard to prevent damaging your appliance. We will provide you with a list of foods to avoid. If you have any other concerns about receiving a Pendex appliance near you, schedule a consultation, or contact our office for more details.