Nance and/or LLHA

Nance and/or LLHA appliances are a space maintainer used to help prevent undesirable dental movements in the upper and lower arches. NanceIt fits across the roof of the mouth and LLHA fits across the backside of the lower teeth, is attached to bands placed on two upper and lower molars.

This appliance is passive and keeps the first permanent molars from drifting forward and/or to save space for any unerupted permanent teeth. Generally, little or no discomfort is felt from these appliances.

How to Clean the Nance Appliance

Brush your teeth as you normally would taking more time to brush around the entire appliance. In addition to brushing, you should floss under the appliance. Using a Waterpik can be very helpful. If swelling occurs, use warm salt-water rinses to reduce the gingival swelling.

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