Herbst Appliance in Orlando

herbst in orlando

You have been fitted with a state-of-the-art functional appliance that has been custom-designed to fit your teeth from our office in Orlando, FL, 32809. This appliance has several unique advantages in that it uses the most natural forces around the teeth to cause them to move-the jaw muscles. It positions the jaw into the correct alignment and if timed during jaw growth, the changes may occur in both the teeth and jaw position. If you’re interested in receiving this appliance near you, keep in mind it will need to be in place for 9-12 months and checked every 6-8 weeks by your orthodontist.

herbst near you

1. As with any new device, you can expect a break-in period that might include a period of discomfort for several days after receiving your appliance from our office in Orlando, FL, 32809.

2. During the first few days, you will prefer to eat soft foods slowly with your front teeth.

3. Don’t try to force your back teeth together.

4. Do not chew ice, pens/pencil, or fingernails.

5. Expect to use Tylenol for any soreness or discomfort you experience during the first week.

Over the year we have improved the durability of this appliance however, on occasion, breakage or problems can still occur. The most common problem occurs when the rod is separated from the sleeve when the patient opens his/her mouth very widely. Patients usually can replace the rod into the sleeve by simply opening wide and threading the rod back into the opening od sleeve. If one of the components breaks, don’t panic. This is not considered an emergency unless the patient is in pain. Remove any loose rod or sleeve and call our office near you to schedule an appointment for the upcoming week.