Is Good Dental Health Essential For Happiness?

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is good dental health is essential for happiness

Oral health is associated with many other aspects of physical and mental health. With a healthy smile, you become more empowered. However, there is more to dental health than just confidence and a bright smile!

Individuals with poor oral health are more likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Bacteria grows with poor dental hygiene, which affects the body greatly.

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How Straight Teeth Help with Oral Health

With a straight smile, bacteria have a harder time hiding. When teeth are crooked and overlapping, they are more difficult to clean. Plaque turns into tartar after 24 hours. Dental professionals can remove tartar can only with cleanings. Hence, dentists always express the importance of brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing every day!

Our orthodontist in Orlando can offer Invisalign and orthodontics to help straighten your smile.

Dental Health and Physical Health

As previously mentioned, dental hygiene can impact many aspects of your health and wellness.

Heart Disease

When individuals develop periodontitis (gum disease), they are more likely to develop heart disease. The buildup of bacteria from poor dental hygiene increases the risk of a bacterial infection within the bloodstream. In turn, the valves of the heart are affected, especially for individuals with artificial heart valves.

Patterns of tooth loss are connected to coronary artery disease. At the worst stages of gum disease, individuals are more likely to lose teeth and bone density.


Individuals with diabetes and problems with oral health likely deal with high blood sugar. One of the drawbacks of diabetes is that the condition weakens your white blood cells. White blood cells are important, and one of their jobs is fighting off bacterial infections.

Therefore, with excess bacteria in the mouth from poor dental hygiene, you become higher risk for oral health problems. The problems can include dry mouth, gum disease, and more. Dry mouth means that there is not enough saliva in your mouth. Dry mouth can cause more issues such as tooth decay.


Early diagnosis is key for treatment with many health issues, especially cancer. Individuals with poor oral hygiene and more bacteria in their mouths are more likely to develop oral cancers.

Symptoms of oral cancer include oral sores, earaches, rapid loss of weight, lumps, loose teeth, and difficulty swallowing. If you are concerned about the presence of oral cancer, you should book a consultation with our orthodontist in Orlando right away.


Feeling confident with your smile is important for making good first impressions. You want to feel confident in your job interviews or when you meet new people. Another reason to want a healthy smile is so you can avoid excessive dental and specialist appointments.

Without proper dental hygiene, you will have more painful and expensive dental issues to face. While we are always excited to see patients for routine cleanings, checkups, or consultations, we don’t want to see you in pain.

Oral Hygiene Near You

All About Smiles is here to help you with your oral hygiene in Orlando. We want the absolute best for you and your family! Visit our orthodontist near you for orthodontics, Invisalign, and more.

Our clinic is open Monday to Friday, and we offer treatments for adults and adolescents. We are here to help straighten your smile and keep your dental health in good shape. Contact our dental clinic near you if you have any questions about our procedures!