How Invisalign Works

how invisalign works

The very first step in the Invisalign process is to confirm that you’re a good candidate for Invisalign in the first place. An orthodontist in Orlando who provides Invisalign near you will provide a free consultation to start that assessment process. The assessment will include four components: taking x-rays and photographs of your teeth and jaw; a review of the current position of your teeth; a review of your medical history and goals; and an opportunity to answer any question you have.

Once an orthodontist near you confirms that you are a good candidate for having your teeth straightened with Invisalign, your dentist will begin developing a treatment plan. The first step in developing that treatment plan is to take impressions and three-dimensional images of your teeth using Invisalign’s iTero Impression Scanner. Those images will be used to simulate the stages of treatment required to accomplish your goals and to develop a series of aligners that will gradually push your teeth — one aligner at a time — toward their final preferred position.

Once your orthodontist in Orlando approves the treatment plan developed based on those images, Invisalign’s technicians will create a series of aligners made out of a “multilayer aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane/copolyester” material called SmartTrack (a material patented by Invisalign and produced specifically for aligners).

Invisalign will send the complete series of aligners to your dentist, who will arrange an appointment with you. At that appointment, your orthodontist will show you the aligners and give you detailed instructions about how to place them on your teeth, remove them from your teeth and clean them. Your orthodontist will explain the requirements of your treatment plan — including the need to wear your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours every day.

Before leaving your orthodontist’s office, you’ll put your first aligner on your teeth. Aligners contain no metal parts or protrusions that will press against your lips or cheeks. Those aligners will fit tightly on your teeth. While each treatment plan varies slightly from person to person, most plans anticipate that you’ll wear each aligner for approximately two weeks before switching to the next aligner. During the first couple days with each aligner, you may notice some discomfort or “tight” sensation on your teeth as the new aligner begins pushing your teeth as required.

One of the biggest features of Invisalign’s treatment process is that they are removable. Before eating, you must remove your aligners from your teeth. You’ll be able to eat what you want without any sacrifice or compromise. Before putting your aligners back in your mouth, you should brush your teeth thoroughly and need to clean your aligners carefully. If you skip these steps — cleaning your aligners and brushing your teeth — you run the risk of trapping sugars, acids, starches, food particles and plaque against your teeth. If that happens, you experience an increased risk of developing plaque, tartar and tooth decay and even staining your aligners themselves.

Throughout your treatment plan, you will meet with your orthodontist every six weeks or so. Your orthodontist will review your progress, answer any question you may have and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. Once you’re finished wearing your final aligner, your orthodontist will compare the new position of your teeth to your original goals and simulated results. In some instances, there may be a small amount of work left to be done. In those situations, your dentist will requisition refinement aligners from Invisalign based (if necessary) on new dental images or impressions.

Are you interested in having your teeth straightened with Invisalign? To find out if Invisalign is right for you and achieving your goals, make an appointment with an orthodontist with Orlando trained to provide Invisalign services.