Eight Not So Crazy Questions About Living With Invisalign

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eight not so crazy questions about living with invisalign

Invisalign’s system of straightening crooked teeth with clear removable aligners allows you to live almost completely naturally and normally throughout your orthodontic treatment plan. You simply need to wear your aligners for 22 hours daily to gradually have your teeth straightened, while being free to remove those aligners to eat, brush, floss as if you weren’t wearing braces at all.

As you consider Invisalign in Orlando, you may have some questions about how to live with Invisalign’s aligners. You’ve heard the old adage that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Here are the answers to eight common — and less common — questions we get about wearing aligners.

Will I be able to play the saxophone with aligners?

Can you play the saxophone now? Invisalign near you is pretty powerful stuff, but it won’t give you musical skills you don’t already have. If you find playing your brass or woodwind instrument is difficult while wearing your aligners, just take them out. But remember, Invisalign works best when you wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily. So put your aligner back in as soon as you’re done (after cleaning it).

What about whey I’m playing sports?

Invisalign’s aligners look like a mouth guard, and even fit over your teeth like a mouth guard in some ways. But, the aligners are not mouth guards. They won’t protect your teeth from sports injuries, and could get damaged in a collision. Take your aligners out while playing sports. And wear a customized guard provided by your dentist instead.

Can I eat what I want?

Yes, after you take your aligners out. You should never eat with your aligners in your mouth. But when you want to eat, simply remove your aligners, eat exactly what you want, clean your aligners, then pop them back in your mouth when you’re done.

Can I kiss with Invisalign in Orlando?

It’s not a dumb question. One of the big downsides of traditional braces is just how much they interfere with normal everyday actions like kissing. Invisalign’s aligners are very different. The aligners fit so closely to your teeth that your kissing partner may not even know you’re wearing aligners. There’s no need — except for your own nervousness and self-consciousness — to avoid kissing or even to take your aligners out. When in doubt, be grateful you’re not wearing wire and metal braces!

Will Invisalign make talking weird?

Talking may feel and sound different for the first few days after being fit with your aligners. Slim and sleek as they are, they’re a physical presence in your mouth that will alter how your produce sounds — temporarily. Any lisp will disappear quickly as long as you keep practicing.

How do I keep my Invisalign aligners clean?

The first step to keeping your aligners clean is keeping your mouth clean. Brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash will remove particles and material that could cling to your aligners.  The second step to keeping your aligners clean is cleaning them. Your orthodontist in Orlando will provide you detailed instructions of how to do that. Options include soaking your trays in mouthwash, a combination of water and hydrogen peroxide, denture cleaner, or a combination of vinegar and water. You can also use Invisalign’s custom cleaning kit.

Will my aligners smell bad?

Any bad smell is a sign that you need to up your cleaning game. As long as you’re cleaning your aligners properly, they will not smell.

Will I have bad breath while wearing aligners?

Like the risk of a bad smell from the aligners themselves, any good oral care habits should prevent the development of any new halitosis while wearing Invisalign in Orlando. If you do have bad breath while wearing Invisalign, it’s most like due to poor general oral hygiene. The good news is that, while wearing Invisalign, you’ll brush your teeth more often than previously. Your breath will probably be fresher than ever.

Did we answer all your questions? In the likely event that you still have a few, contact an orthodontist in Orlando and give them the chance to explain just how to live — and get straighter teeth quickly and easily — with Invisalign.