Common Problems

Common Issues

When the teeth and jaws don’t fit together correctly, orthodontic treatment is usually required to address the issue. When these issues—called malocclusions are left untreated, it can lead to speech difficulties, premature wear and tear of teeth and increased risk of injury. Below are the most common issues seen in patients.

An Underbite

This is when the lower teeth extent farther than the upper teeth.

An Overbite

This is the opposite of an underbite. The top teeth overlap the bottom teeth. Issues associated with this are a gummy smile, protruding lips, and excessive incisor wear.

A Crossbite

This type of oral misalignment occurs when the top and lower teeth close in a bite; the two sets of teeth don’t meet correctly.

An Open Bite

When there is no contact between the top and bottom teeth it is called an open bite. This type of bite affects proper chewing and causes unwanted habits.

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

This occurs when the front teeth stick out forward – over the lower teeth. This type of oral misalignment is also referred to as “buck teeth.”


When there is inadequate space in the mouth available, crowding occurs. This is the most common reason why patients seek braces in Orlando.

Spacing Problems

When there is unnecessary jaw room for the teeth, this results in cosmetic or aesthetic issues. Spacing issues can also arise from missing teeth.

Dental Midlines Not Matched

This is an asymmetry issue where the center of the upper front teeth and bottom front teeth are misaligned or don’t match.

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